Seat Partners to Miles Away

Seniors in relationships may face challenges heading into college.


The saints are freshly graduated from high school and headed off to enter a new chapter in their lives. The question is, the significant other who they went through high school with is going to college somewhere else. How will those relationships work out and will they work out? Being far apart from your partner has alway been a challenge in terms of young relationships. Long distance relationships or LDR’s, one of the biggest challenges two love birds can face.

 People see it in movies all the time, freshly out of high school, and even starting a new chapter in their lives. It is this happily ever after that comes to an end because of the distance that separates individuals from fulfilling each others’ needs. It is the constant “I miss you’s” that leave both partner’s mouths over the phone to the good morning and good night texts that get sent to start and end each day. But ultimately, what lies in between?

Whether it be one Saint moving across the country to attend school in New York and their significant other attending school locally in California. Sustaining a relationship while being away while keeping that spark alive is a challenge for individuals.

But that is not stopping senior Kaitlyn Stoffer from continuing her long lasting relationship with her boyfriend Maddox. She claims, “it won’t be easy but it will be worth it. It is something that we both will work on together. If we want it to work out, it will.” Kaitlyn will be attending the University of Arizona while her boyfriend will be pursuing his academic career in Pennsylvania. Life hits you and there no longer is the off campus lunch dates, walking to class together, and enjoying school dances. But the reality is love oversees distance between. It is a matter of the effort put in by both individuals to make the commitment work. It is easy for the saints to reminisce of the high schools memories of football games, Clash, homecoming and prom while making new memories at the next school or state they call home.