Humans Of SD – Mrs. Arce


How do you participate in mental health awareness month and how does it make you feel

Personally I participate by trying to make more time for myself and try not to focus on all the struggles of students, and spending more time with my dogs taking them for walks and making time for friends. Especially when we get older it’s hard to make time for friends with families and careers. It’s great that May day coincides with mental health awareness month because it gives the kind saints an opportunity to play around and let loose. I love that society is now acknowledging and finding a place for it. I wish it was something I had in highschool because I definitely struggled with depression and anxiety and my family told me to just “put on a smile and get over it”. Saints, don’t forget to take time for yourself and remember that even though finals are important, it doesn’t mean sacrificing your happiness to get a good grade.