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SDHS 2023 Fall Choir Concert

PC: Jessica Salsjiver
SDHS Choir Students rehearse before Concert, under the direction of Jared Pugh.

On Tuesday, October 10th, the SDHS Choir performed for the first time this year, in the 2023 Fall Concert. All three of San Dimas’ Choirs sang, including Bel Canto, Chamber, and Chorale, directed by Mr. Jared Pugh, who not only conducted San Dimas High’s Choirs but also Lone Hill Middle Schools’, in the same concert. 

Chorale Base Section poses together outside the BCA. (PC: Abigail A. Lawrence)

The Concert had mixes of every Choir, Middle school, and High, along with several talented Soloists from both LHMS and SDHS. This was the first year that Mr. Pugh had both schools share a concert, which many people were looking forward to experiencing and performing in.

Chorale Members Liliana Mckibben, Tiffany Ng, and Emma Mankolf. (PC: Abigail A. Lawrence)

The performance took place at 7 pm on Tuesday and went on for an hour and a half. As the first concert of the year, the students had been practicing for less than two months. “It was a fantastic debut concert,” said Choir Conductor, Mr. Jared Pugh. “I think the student shined out and did a great job, considering how little time we had.”

Chorale Soloist, Leanne Flores, poses behind BCA before performance. (PC: Abigail Lawrence)

“I think it’s a dynamic and great concert. Especially because the Middle schoolers get to see where they’ll be in a few years, and the [High Schoolers] get to see where you started,” commented the newest Student Teacher, Ms. Jessica Salsjiver on how she expected to see the students doing, for both their first concert and her first concert working as a student teacher for SDHS, under Mr. Pugh.

“It was amazing having all of our Lone Hill and San Dimas groups together. It was a great community and I felt like there was a lot of energy in the room of positivity and excitement”

— Mr. Pugh

Choir VP Steve Moreno, and Chamber Member Soft Washburn, stand together before Concert. (PC: Abigail A. Lawrence)

“I’m always excited to work with new people,” Junoir, Soft Washburn responded when asked how they would anticipate this year’s concert, with the many incoming freshmen who have no experience, and the middle schoolers with their somewhat maybe controversial addition. “Some of whom I’ve never sung with before and some with whom I’ve sung lots of times with.”

The performers, newcomers and the experienced alike, collectively felt confident in their singing abilities and trusted that their peers would do the same. With just a couple of short months to have rehearsed and learned their music, the Choirs executed their work beautifully and pulled off an overall amazing 2023 school year Fall Concert, one to be remembered for years to come, and a perfect kickoff to even more anticipated Concerts for the rest of the year.

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