Top 5 Halloween Events

Top 5 Halloween Events

Things you should do next Halloween.

As the leaves fell and the moon took on an eerie glow, saints embraced the spirit of Halloween. Whether you’re seeking to do something thrilling or family-friendly and festive, the Saints Scroll reviewed the top 5 enjoyable Halloween activities near and in our community this October. There are amusement parks, haunted houses, and pumpkin patches that saints have enjoyed.

Saints have had an eventful time at Knotts Scary Farm, Universal Halloween Horror Nights, Disneyland, Pumpkin Patches, and Six Flags Fright Fest. These theme parks have been eventful for Saints this past October. With themed characters, jump scares, and special effects Saints have been able to enjoy these events with their group of friends. 

The fear and thrill made the time enjoyable and more fun; the reactions of friends and family made the experience hilarious and memorable for Saints. “Knotts Scary Farm was fun. Watching my friends get scared and screaming was funny, ” says Junior Kenzie Whiteleather. 

Halloween-themed parks like Universal Horror Nights were popular this October. Halloween Horror Night is a night of scares, thrills, and excitement.

“Halloween Horror Nights was really fun. It was my first time there, and the scare actors made the night better,” says Junior Delilah Acevedo. 

During the Halloween season, Disneyland transformed into a magical and spooky wonderland with enchanting decorations and a unique atmosphere. As Saints ventured deeper into the park, they encountered characters in delightful Halloween costumes, like Mickey and Minnie in their spooky outfits. 

“The characters at Disneyland are dressed so cute. And the decorations throughout the park were perfect and added a special effect,” says Junior Skylar Fredieu.

Visiting a pumpkin patch has been a delightful and fun tradition during the autumn season, and still is for some Saints. Families and friends dressed in cozy outfits, embracing the spirit of fall brings a comforting feeling for people.

“I love going to the pumpkin patch every year with my friends. We like to dress cute and comfy, and take pictures for fun. I look forward to it every year,” says Senior Natalie Nguyen.

Six Flags Fright Fest was always a thrilling experience, transforming the amusement park into a world of horrors every Halloween season. The eerie sights and sounds make it a fun and frightening adventure.

These Halloween events have filled our Saints with fun and excitement. Events like these created lasting memories of laughter and comfort. Whether you were seeking a good scare, a sense of comfort, or a chance to create memories and creative costumes, there was something for all Saints to do during this Halloween season.

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