Artist of the Month: Valerie Sanchez

Senior and AP Art Student Valerie Sanchez discusses the inspiration behind her works.
Artist of the Month: Valerie Sanchez

When did you first get into art?

“I got into art ever since I can remember. I would be the kid drawing on napkins at restaurants or turning the coloring page so I can draw whatever I want on the back where it’s blank.”

Is anyone in your family an artist? Or who is your inspiration?

“My mom and my grandpa are very artistic but they never really sparked the ability in me, it was mostly my older cousin. I would say something that inspired me was the band Gorillaz. I love their music and the thought of a cartoon band.”

What kind of art do you make?

“I’m really proud of my the color pencil drawings I can’t chose between them”


How would you describe yourself as an artist?

“I would describe myself as a very detailed artist.”






What is a piece you are most proud of?

“When I grew up I always didn’t like drawing myself or I would draw myself last if I was drawing like a group picture. So when I got into Mr.Black’s class I decided that I would make that class about me and draw a bunch of self portraits.”

Do you make art just in class or at home too?

“I have lots of sketch books at home. And when I’m bored I always fill up my pages”

Do you see art as just a hobby or would you like to make it a career?

“I plan on making my art into a career. I plan on majoring in animation and hopefully make it into any a well known animation studio.”

Are your friends into art too?

“No I don’t think any of my friends are into art. So when people find out that I’m really into art they are surprised and most of friends always forget that I’m artistic.”





You talked about wanting to work in an animation studio…does that mean like animation for like cartoons and stuff what what do you mean by that?

“Yeah I love cartoons and I especially love Disney and Pixar”

Okay so are you in the animation class as well?

“Yeah I’m in animation and art I already have college credit in animation.“

Where do you plan on pursuing art in college?

“I plan on going to Mt.Sac for 2 years then transfer to Cal State Long Beach because I love their campus and their art programs they provide there”


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