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Meet the New Saint Principal: Mr. Mayen

The Newest Addition to our Saint Staff, Mr. Mayen

On October 31, 2023, San Dimas High School officially welcomed our new principal, Mr. Mayen. Coming from the Corona Norco school district, Mayen is excited to take on a new title at a new school. Making his speech at the fall rally, students were able to get a first impression of Mayen and were overall excited to see his plans for SDHS.

Mayen graduated from Cal State Long Beach with a degree in sociology, he then received his master’s and teaching degree from National University. During his career he was a Math, Government and Economy, and Avid teacher as well as a soccer coach, before becoming an Assistant Principal.

Being a principal is a step in his path to ultimately achieve the goal of becoming a superintendent. “When you are driven by goals in your career, I had a trajectory of where I wanted to be, which is superintendent; this is a part of the ladder,” Mayen explains. 

However, Mayen originally thought he would be a teacher forever. He mentioned that he loved teaching and coaching because it allowed him to talk to a mix of students, which is why he ultimately wanted the position of Principal: to talk to all students. “I want to make sure that when I leave, this place is a better place than I found it,” Mayen states.

He came to San Dimas because he had only heard great things about the school. He heard that San Dimas is very family-oriented, great at sports, and a fantastic school overall. Mayen also understands our rivalry with Bonita and loves it, which is another reason why he loves San Dimas. 

On the first day, he noted that everyone, staff and students alike were friendly and welcoming. He had a great first impression of the Saint environment. He mentioned that since his first day was on Halloween, seeing all the Saints dressed up made him see the school spirit San Dimas holds. Mayen was relaxed about stepping into this new position as being an Assistant principal made him feel equipped. However, he is very excited about leaving room to learn and grow as well. 

Mayen prioritizes creating a relationship with students. After being a teacher for so long, he understands that relationships come first. He plans to talk to as many students as possible, whether in the quad, in classrooms, or at sporting events. He also prioritizes creating a safe but fun environment for this school. He explains, “I want to create an environment where students have a voice, and that it is always considered when making decisions for our school.” 

Mayen prioritizes and listens to students’ voices to make San Dimas High School a comfortable and safe space for all students. “I want to create a culture that says we care about people here, and for students know that I am their biggest cheerleader. I will be supporting them in the classrooms or at extracurriculars, and for teachers to know that my door is always open,” he states. 

Mayen wants to ensure that all students and staff know that he is very approachable in any situation and is there to listen and support everyone. He will take our situations seriously and is open to talk to. He wants to create an environment where all Saints can continue the legacies of the amazing things happening at San Dimas. He strives to continue those, expand, and make room for improvement to unite our campus.

His goal for San Dimas is to make it the best school in the district, “Whether it be in academics, sports, social, emotional, I want us to be the best,” he explains. He hopes to create unforgettable bonds with students and staff between now and graduation. “I already have that sense of family here, but by then, I hope it feels like a big family,” he explains.

 He also wants to ensure that every student graduates and, hopefully, by June 2024, gain some CIF titles. “I hope that we have lots to celebrate and that my first speech as principal has a lot of celebrations,” Mayen states. 

Mayen describes himself as approachable, inclusive, and a leader. He prioritizes faith, morals, and spending time with his family, as he loves beach days with them. A little about Mayen is that he loves golf, because he finds it to be a stress reliever. Mayen also loves to travel, especially for sporting events and exploring new places. He is a big “people person”, so he loves being around people and talking to anyone.

“I want everyone to know that I am their biggest cheerleader. As a school principal, I want people to know and see me as someone who is always there. I am also looking forward to seeing everyone at their extracurriculars, supporting students, and saying hi,” Mayen states.

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