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Foundation of Leadership Class
Foundation of Leadership Class
PC: Norman Coulter

This year San Dimas High School offers a course for students looking to make a difference and discuss important social topics. “Foundations of Leadership” taught by Mr. Coulter is described as, “a project-based course aimed at increasing students’ capabilities.”

Mr. Coulter, indicated what the class means to him, “It’s a class meant to establish a basic understanding of what it means to lead in any type of way.” This year the leadership students have been diligently working on two projects that will impact the campus. The first project is an in-school suspension program for students who are caught smoking; this is an alternative to the current five-day suspension.

The second idea was highlighted at the Integrity Team meeting held on November 9th. For this idea, SDHS students are working to develop a Peer-to-Peer counseling program. If you are interested in leadership and making a difference, this class could be for you. Mr. Coulter mentions that is for all students, he says, “Anybody who is ready to improve… improve themselves first [like] in the sense of stepping into whatever their real identity is supposed to be.”

Sophomore, Danitza Marenco feels Foundations of Leadership is a great class because, “you get a chance to see behind the curtain of San Dimas High School you get to problem solve and help your fellow peers, while making amazing friendships. It’s overall an amazing class and the things you learn will help you forever.”

PC: Mr. Coulter

Courageous Conversations is an all-student event, with the expectation of Mr. Coulter, to discuss issues with the school. Integrity team occurs the following week where students discuss with teachers solutions they have come up with to the problem discussed the previous week.

Freshman, Sophia Arretche said, “People should join Foundations of Leadership because it’s a comforting environment where you can be yourself and speak your input freely. Even as a person who doesn’t speak much, I feel welcomed and able to be myself in Mr. Coulters class.” 

When asked about what makes a leader, Mr. Coulter states,  ” I see resourcefulness, I see responsibility, I see empathy, I see resilience.” Mr. Coulter is a wonderful leader, he cares about his students and teaches unforgettable lessons, something a student can cherish for life.


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