San Dimas highschool Gym
San Dimas highschool Gym
PC: Madison Bulick

San Dimas High School Gym Still Closed

Our San Dimas High School Gym remains closed throughout first semester.

San Dimas’s High School’s gym has been closed down since August 2023 to add air conditioning. This is to benefit San Dimas High School’s students, yet this time-consuming process has taken longer than expected. The renovation has completely affected fall sports teams and many different students this year in a negative manner.

Students of San Dimas High School have been drastically affected by the gym being closed especially when it comes to sports. Girls Volleyball had to play most of their season at Lonehill Middle School which made a lasting impact on the players, especially those in their senior year. The gym was supposed to be done in October but ended up being delayed which led to confusion and scrambling for space.

San Dimas high school gym (PC: Madison Bulick)

Senior Kennedy Bulick speaks of the effect it had on her, “Not having the gym was really exhausting because we had to wait around the until the end of a long day for the Lonehill gym to be open to for us to use. When you’re a younger classmen you really look forward to being a senior in your gym and obviously that got taken away from us. It was just disappointing because the season would have felt much different if we were in our home gym.”

Freshman Class President Maya Yassine also says, “With the gym being closed we get less participation at sports events then we normally would because it’s not at a convenient location like it used to be. We also have to move a lot of our things outdoors and in the quad. ASB would typically hold rally’s in the gym but due it being shut down they had to move them outside in the quad. We have to adjust many things and it takes a lot.” 

Despite the changes that many people had to adjust to, the saints made it work. Assistant principal Mr. Nance actually was even able to get the gym open for volleyball’s CIF game, staff night, and their senior night. Volleyball was very thankful for that.

Although the gym being closed has been tough on Saints, in the future it will be much easier on them when the weather gets hotter.


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