(PC: Stewart Van Buskirk)

PC: Stewart Van Buskirk

Inside Internet Arts

A closer look into film and animation.

February 8, 2019

A fun aspect of San Dimas High School is all of the electives that are offered. These electives are chances for students to showcase their different talents, and work towards their choice of career. One elective that people may not know a lot about is Animation.

Visual communications, otherwise known as, Animation, is taught by Mr. Waage. In this class, students learn about how to work with computers and cameras to create various films and pieces of artwork. “We create short stories and presentations,” says Waage. Along with different films, Waage and a group of his students work together to broadcast the morning announcements. “We start with scripts, then we film, edit, and finally, we add graphics over the top.” Waage and his students work very hard to put out the announcements on time while still having good content.

The class gives an insight into what it’s like to be in the film and directing industry. Waage also expressed how; “It shows kids how to be responsible with their work.” Along with filming, this class teaches students how to photoshop and edit pictures. Not only do you learn how to increase the quality and sharpness of photos, but you also learn how to add special effects to photos and films to turn them into works of art.

Mr. Waage has been teaching animation for four years and he is very proud of his students and the work they have done. Moving forward, he wants to create more levels of advancement for his students. Waage believes that everyone has the capability to create something special. In the words of Waage, “If you think it, the computer can make it.”

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