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Saints Views on New Years Resolutions

Resolutions are the act of finding an answer to a problem, this can be purposeful because people can lose motivation in their commitment to bring change in their lives. The New Year is supposed to bring motivation to people to change for the better or sometimes worse.

A New Year Resolution is when someone swears to themself to start doing something good or stop doing something awful on the first day of the year. It’s a tradition fulfilled by a promise to change for the better this New Year’s and the ones after that. 

 When people create and stick to these resolutions, they utilize self-efficacy: An individual’s belief in their capacity to execute negative behaviors to succeed and produce specific performance attainments. 

Self-efficacy reflects confidence in someone’s ability to control their own motivation, behavior, and social environment. 

Junior Skylar Fredieu believes New Year Resolutions can be helpful for people’s goals, “but in reality, I don’t think most people stick to their goals or resolution that they set for themselves for New Year, and doesn’t get anything done.” 

The easy part of resolutions is figuring out what bad habit someone wishes to change or a new skill that would help them better themself, but the hard part is staying true to the goal for all year.

New Sophomore Samara Martinez, “My birthday’s the day after New Year so I’m thinking more about my birthday rather than a resolution.” She doesn’t indulge in the tradition of New Year Resolutions, but not many Saints have resolutions either. 

Although some don’t believe New Year Resolutions help people or are worth paying attention to, there is still a split between the campus and whether they’re still used.  

The most common New Year Resolution involves improving fitness, finances, or mental health. Junior Nevaeh Sanchez is “focusing on working out and getting good grades. This year is going to be a good year.” 

Asl Teacher Mr. D also has one of the most common resolutions, “I don’t care about losing weight, I just wanna work out and be healthy.” Wishing Mr.D a productive and active year. 

Overall, New Year’s Resolutions are either a hit or miss with the Saints on campus, with one side not paying much attention to resolutions because they don’t believe they’re helpful and don’t care, the other half still making resolutions. The question is if they can maintain their goal all year. 

The Saint Scroll wishes the best of luck to all with New Year’s Resolutions! 

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