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Best Promposals of 2024

On April 27th at the Newport Beach harborside, our saints celebrated Prom. But the month long preperation of promposals have not gone unnoticed. Unpack the honorary promposals of 2024

Any good high school dance wouldn’t be complete without the initial question of “Will you go to prom with me?”. Lost in the exhilaration of making a fashion statement for prom is the sweetness of popping the question to your date. They range from silly inside jokes to affectionate love letters, but they all never fail to put a smile on everyone’s face. The race for free prom tickets also drove our Saints to try their ever-loving best on these posters. So without further ado, the top 10 cutest way to have made A Night in Santorini magical.


Audrey Sanchez and Jacob Gonzalez

Audrey Hernandez and Jacob Gonzalez after his promposal surprise on her front lawn



Coming in at number 10 is a 10 Things I Hate About You-themed poster for Junior Audrey Sanchez made by Junior Jacob Gonzalez. With a clever twist, Jacob listed all the admirable things he wanted to make note of at prom. A pair of flowers and a creative movies-based poster later, the couple was off to a cinematic night of their own. 

“I was so happy when I saw him standing on my lawn, he knows how much I enjoy this movie so I thought it was such a sweet sentiment.” says Junior Audrey Hernandez.





Renee Gonzalez and John Kulow

Renne Gonzalez and John Kulow after his promposal surprise in her room



There’s nothing wrong with a little traditional romance. Red roses with flower petals on the bed and big inflatable balloon letters that pop the question. On her way back from a sleepover, Junior Renee Gonzalez finds her long-term boyfriend Junior John Kulow with a conventional yet extremely warmhearted proposal.


“My friends had been planning this all week with my boyfriend so we had a sleepover the night before. My mom was also in on it and would not pick me up till 4. Eventually, I got a ride home and he set my whole room up and I was very surprised and excited!” says Junior Renee Gonzalez 




Maddie Coss and Noah Cao 

Noah Cao and Maddie Coss after their promposal surprise at Dodger Stadium




Senior Noah Cao knocked it out of the ballpark with his promposal to his girlfriend Maddie Coss. On a trip to the famous Dodger stadium, these two sports lovers had an enjoyable time with love in the air, alongside the smell of Dodger Dogs. Being a long-time lover of the team, Senior Maddie Coss says “I was super excited! And I honestly didn’t expect it at all. I thought it was such a good idea.”









Abbey Schwach and Anthony Duenes

Anthony Duenes and Abbey Schwach after his promposal in front of her house



With the mention of love in the air comes the arrival of newfound love! Senior Abbey Schwach and her new beau Senior Anthony Duenes have made it official. With the Baby Shark-themed poster and some baby pink tulips, Anthony whisked his own baby away to an unforgettable night. But Anthony had some help in coming up with this plan, Abbey pulled a Sadie Hawkins move and asked at his swim meet as he rose out of the water to greet her with a sign and a basket full of goodies. 

When he asked me it was super cute and I was caught off guard. I really wanted to submit something for the proposals account, and I know we have to have a video so that’s why I asked him. I also thought it would be different for a girl to ask a guy to prom ’cause you don’t see a lot of that.” says Senior Abbey Schwach about her idea to switch things up.







Aubrey Hayes and Brian Jackson 

Brian Jackson and Aubrey Hayes after his promposal at the beach



This couple caught some waves on the prom love boat and danced the night away for their last prom together. This will be this Brian and Aubreys second prom together. With a lovely bouquet of red roses alongside the illuminating letters spelling prom, and a beautiful view of the foreshadowed sunset in Santorini, Senior Aubrey Hayes says “I was initially confused and excited because I didn’t expect him to be at the beach since I had spent the day with my friend.”




Jazlynn Rodriguez and Caleb Ogden

Caleb Ogden and Jazlynn Rodriguez with their surprise promposal at a hike trail.



Prom and a show? Sign her up! Seniors Caleb Ogden and Jazlynn Rodriguez are ready to sing their hearts out at the Zach Bryan concert on June 3rd. This cowboy and cowgirl surely enjoyed their time on their night out in Santorini and can’t wait to celebrate their graduation early with this once-in-a-lifetime concert. 


“I kinda based my poster off the song, they’re not exact lyrics but Zach Bryan is an artist that we both enjoy so I thought this would be a good idea,” says Senior Caleb Ogden.






Devyn Esperanza and Kaila Khoury

Devyn E and Kaila Khoury by the lake with their suprise promposal





Next to the lakeside was Junior Devyn Esperanza waiting for his Junior girlfriend Kaila Khoury with all his friends and new duck ally to support him. Candlelight and rose petal trails set the mood for this romantic moment. Kaila of course couldn’t deny this gesture and said yes! Devyn says the lead up to his promposal was “a hard task. But seeing her reaction was so worth it.”






Anthony Gallardo and Kamila Izam

Anthony Gallardo and Kamila Izam after his killer promposal at her house






Senior Anthony Gallardo killed this year’s promposal to his girlfriend Senior Kamila Izam with the help of Kamila’s family and friends. Anthony was able to execute his plan perfectly which landed him a date to what he considers “the perfect way to spend a perfect night with the perfect girl”. He also says “It was hard to make my plan a reality since I’m just barely getting close with her family, but it all came together really well”.








And the winner of this year’s promposal contest is…



Donavon Morrison and Peyton Davies

Donovan Morrison and Peyton Davies’s winning promposal at her house

Peyton Davies and Donovan Morrison certainly got tangled at prom together. With the reappearance of last year’s prom theme, Prom King Donavon Morrison. The aesthetic of the promposal takes the cake this year. Ranging from the beautiful balloon arch with string fairy lights and the well-decorated poster to go along with it. Donavon outdid himself. Congratulations to this year’s winners of the promposal contest!


All of our saint’s promposals elevated prom to a new level. To everyone who participated in this contest, the bar has been raised for the next generations of proposal ideas. Congratulations to everyone who participated in this years promposal contest!


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