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Single on Valentine’s Day

Why being single on Valentine's day is okay.

February 28, 2019

On February 14th, Valentine’s day, many people celebrated with their significant other. Whether it was by buying each other chocolates and stuffed animals or going out on a date.

Yet there were others who spent their time by themselves or by hanging out with their closest friends. Teens and singles all over America tend to feel the pressure from society that around this time of February they need to find a date for the 14th. But, that’s not the case for all! Valentine’s day is a day to spend with the people you love, this does not necessarily include a partner, this can be friends or family.

There are so many reasons why being single on Valentine’s day is a good thing; for example, you won’t have to spend money on anyone else except yourself, you don’t have to worry about finding the perfect present or planning the perfect date for that significant other, and you don’t have to dress up! How about lounging in your P.J.’s and binge-watching Netflix? 

Being single can also be seen as empowering because you have the ability to control everything in your own life and you can do whatever you want without having to stress out about a significant other. When someone is in a relationship they are dedicating their time and feelings to another person, and that takes a huge commitment. 

Of course, you’ll see couples everywhere expressing their love for each other, even here on our SDHS campus. However instead of dreading the ominous “single’s awareness day”, celebrate it!

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