PC: Disneyland
PC: Disneyland

A Day of Music and Magic

San Dimas Choir Department goes to Disneyland.

February 28, 2019

On Wednesday, February 20th, San Dimas High’s choir department members went to Disneyland also known as, “The Happiest Place on Earth”. Not only was the trip a good time, but it also was a learning experience.

Although the trip took place at Disneyland, there was definitely still music involved. The choirs had a chance to sing in the Disney Performing Arts Workshop, which not only allowed students to experience the magic of singing in their favorite Disney movie, but it also taught them how the process of singing in movies works.

Songs from Disney movies such as, The Lion King and The Princess and the Frog, were used in the recording session. Choir President, Travis Fuller, talks about his personal thoughts with his experience. “Getting to sing in some of my favorite childhood movies was a super cool experience since I have loved those songs since I was little. Of course, as a singer, only getting to do one take, since we had limited time, was not ideal because I heard the notes that were slightly out of tune that I would have wanted to fix, but overall I really loved it.”

After singing in the studio for quite some time, everyone was allowed to venture off and enjoy the rest of their day. Everyone took advantage of the Disneyland experience by going on rides, eating good food, and taking pictures to capture memories they will never forget.

As the night was ending and everyone was saying their last goodbyes to the park, a Disney parade was held on Main Street. Right around the time the parade began, rain started showering down. Attempting to gather the large group of students back onto the bus while it was pouring rain proved to be quite the hassle. After a lengthy process, all of the dripping students were finally back on the bus.

Although there were some definite bumps in the road towards the end of the night due to the rain, the trip was an experience that will surely not be forgotten.

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