Artist of the Month- Ireland Patti


How long have you been doing this?

I think art that I consider “art”, maybe since last year. The beginning of this year is when I started taking it seriously.

What made you want to start?

It always felt like if I didn’t do it, I was useless or I wasn’t contributing the way I was meant to. Also exposure. I was exposed to different forms of it. It started off with music, and that was really beautiful. That sort of encouraged creativity I think

How did you develop the current style you have in your paintings?

Honestly, I can’t draw. This sort of intuitive abstract thing that goes on sometimes, it’s more like closing your eyes for a minute and thinking about the idea. It turns out to be a messy translation of that. I also like doing cartoons but that’s just from watching cartoons

What do you think was the biggest obstacle when you started and is it the same now?

I think accepting that I couldn’t draw. It got better with practice. Realizing that you need just an artistic spirit. It’s also dedicating and you need to put yourself into it if you wanna be successful. Honestly, art doesn’t always feel good, it can make you feel inadequate. Now the biggest obstacle is how can I do this for the rest of my life.

What do you find inspires you most when art does start to make you feel inadequate?

I know it’s what I’m always going to come back to no matter what. It’s a constant in my life. It’s often in the car. When you have free time in your brain, that’s always what fills it. When I’m not having a conversation, there are 2 things I think about; my art and my boyfriend.

What’s your favorite thing about making art?

I guess I get satisfaction from having something completed. Something to share, I love that.

How do you plan on continuing art after high school?

I’ve applied to an art school I’m really hoping to get in to. I want to sell my art and continue doing that as an influenced career. Graphic design or even clothing

Has the past year in art changed your perspective on anything?

It changed everything. You need things to influence your work. You’re finding details in plants, buildings, or people’s faces. Beauty is amplified. In that sense, you appreciate things a lot more. Things that deter people from being happy, they come in as often because you’re so busy appreciating everything.

Is there anything you’d like to add?

When you asked about what inspires me. Music. Certain artists and the feeling they put out. I try to recreate what they are putting out. I started this series of painting based off an album and what I feel they are communicating. It’s a different style of art, but music has a big impact.