The Perfect Season

San Dimas Softball Game

March 22, 2019

As the weather gets warmer and winter fades away, the spring season begins to bring in new great sports. The San Dimas High School Softball Team is bringing in new athletes and is striving to achieve their dream season.

Since a lot of seniors from the previous year have left, the team has a lot of fresh-faced girls, who are ready to play. They are ambitious and hungry for a winning season.

The returning members always make sure that their team is bonding. Four-year returner, Miranda Fetters proudly comments on her team’s behalf, “whether we’re playing small games between innings or having group get-togethers, were really close with one another.”

Although they have the time of their lives, the softball team makes sure they’re prepared and ready to work. The ladies have practices every day from 3 to 5 when they don’t have a game.

The team is off to a very good start at 7 – 5. The Saint’s were thrilled over their big win against Diamond Ranch High School with the final score being 12 – 6. Having a big lead in the first few innings, the girls kept the heat going.

Softball has helped girls create independence, it’s the mental part as well as the physical part.”

— Miranda Fetters

The biggest win of the season so far is the annual Rivalry game versus the Bonita Bearcats. The Saints took the victory with a final score of 4 – 2, thanks to a home run by Senior Isabella Ramirez.

The ladies are ecstatic over the ongoing season and this year they plan to make it even farther than winning league champs, their goal is, of course, going to CIF.

There is a lot to learn from Softball, it is the growing experience and the gaining of life long skills.  “It ’s one of the best sports in my opinion,” Fetters says. ”Because Softball has helped girls create independence, it’s the mental part as well as the physical part. So many girls take away so many things from the sport, so in my eyes, it’s not just a game.”

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