Reigning Superior

Chorale receives superior for the second year in a row.

March 22, 2019

On March 12, San Dimas’ Chorale participated in an annual choir festival at Rosemead High School. There were a total of eight schools who showed up to perform. They ranged from different levels of experience and different sizes of choirs. Each choir was given a chance to showcase their talent with three-to-four songs each. There was a wide variety of styles from pop songs, to beautiful, classic acapella pieces.

There were some solos incorporated into the songs along with a couple of different instruments. It was fun to see different styles and dynamics that each choir used when performing their pieces. The choir festival was an excellent way for Chorale to see other schools perform, as well as realizing improvements that can be made in the way they sing and perform.

The nerves were definitely high when Chorale went onstage, but in the end, it was a wonderful performance that everyone was proud of. The sound was beautiful and all the other choirs were congratulatory to show their support.

Chorale was awarded the Superior title for their performances. It’s very true when people say that music is a type of language. Everyone felt connected through the lyrics and the gorgeous sound of the music. Taking the day to travel and sing together has made Chorale closer than ever. This is just one of the many ways that music can be used to impact people’s lives and connect everyone together.

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