SDHS Seniors Visit Bonita
SDHS Seniors Visit Bonita

Senior Pranks – A Beloved Tradition

An inside look at the 2019 senior pranks.

March 22, 2019

Moving into your senior year of high school it is a beloved and bittersweet time. It is filled with traditions and events that will create lasting memories for the rest of our lives. Becoming a senior means you get to attend Grad Night, be in the panoramic picture, graduate, and yes, be involved in the senior prank. This year our Saints did not only one, but TWO pranks for the school to enjoy and have a good laugh at.

The first prank included a group of seniors brings their furry friends to school and the second was a combined effort between San Dimas and Bonita seniors as they did a big senior switch. Now, these pranks were not destructive and they did not last very long however, they had a big impact on campus and set a precedent for what proper senior pranks should look like.

The Seniors bring their furry friends to SDHS.

During the senior contract meeting, Mrs. Kear said that this is the first year in all of her years at SDHS that the senior pranks did not cause damage to the school at all. This is huge because when no damage is done and nothing offensive occurs there are little-to-no consequences given.

Being apart of the SD Bonita switch was not only a great time but since there was no harm done no consequences were given to me. I went to a completely different school, met new people, and even took notes! All while still being respectful to our schools.

In past years the senior classes have set bad examples by causing destruction to our campus and in turn, were given major consequences. This made it seem that our administration doesn’t like the idea of senior pranks but in fact, it appears to be the exact opposite. I think the administration understands that senior pranks are an important high school tradition and they don’t want us to miss out on, as long as it is respectful to our campus and to all students who inhabit it.

This year dogs and bearcats invaded our hallways for a bit of fun and the seniors involved made a lasting memory without jeopardizing their last few months at SDHS. For you, underclassmen, understand that when you get your turn to do your senior prank it does not have to be destructive or offensive to be considered a prank, it can just be something fun and silly that will be remembered for years to come.

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