Artist of the Month – Daniel Farag

Third feature for Artist of the Month, senior Daniel F


How long have you been practicing art?

I started taking classes in first grade outside of school and I took classes in school starting freshman year.

What made you interested in starting?

When I was really young I liked drawing with markers. I drew dinosaurs and Godzilla and it sort of just evolved from there.

How did you develop this realistic style and get to where you are now?

I see myself as a logical person so I try to see things exactly the way there are. It’s hard for me to see abstract things so I find more fun in recreating life.

What was the biggest obstacle as your art developed more if any?

Being able to see my art- people can tell me it looks good but if it doesn’t come out exactly the way I wanted I get super frustrated with it. I get artist’s block occasionally but right now I’m just doing it more for fun.

Do you plan on continuing after high school?

Every now and again. When I have time. Probably not, because I won’t have time

What do you find is the best thing about making art?

Sharing it with other people, probably.

Who are some artists that inspire you to continue?

There aren’t any famous artists but seeing my classmate’s art and my sister’s art. I’m really jealous of my sister’s art.

Was your sister a big influence?

She has a completely different style than I do. She does more abstract and weird. We’re on completely different ends of the spectrum in terms of art

How long have you been developing your realistic style?

I took a long break throughout middle school because I didn’t have time, and I didn’t really want to. I sort of jumped back into it and I realized I was sort of good at it, I don’t know what changed in that time because I hadn’t been doing anything but it definitely developed freshman year up until now

Do you believe it’s important to practice art?

If you like it and if you have an affinity for it, then sure. I don’t really see art as something that changes me emotionally. I just like looking at something and putting it on paper and seeing what my hand can do.