Science Rules!

All about the annual SDHS tradition, The Science Roadshow

May 2, 2019

Each and every year, San Dimas High School has the privilege of hosting the Science Roadshow. The Roadshow is hosted by, none other than, SDHS’ very own chemistry teacher; Mrs. Leuvand. The Science Roadshow is a program that engages elementary age kids with science in an exposition of fun and educational labs and experiments. Here, the kids are welcomed onto the SDHS campus, where they come to find many different stations scattered across the science building that each teach their fair share of scientific principles, laws, and reactions.

The program is run and supervised by Mrs. Leuvand, but the stations are in fact taught by her students. Having the younger kids interact with our fellow high school students is a good change in scenery from the classroom they’re used to. The Roadshow creates a memorable experience, as well as gives the students an insight into what lies ahead as they grow up and graduate grade levels.

“I always look forward to this every year. I love seeing the joy on their faces as they learn and engage themselves with science,” says Leuvand. “It’s one thing to learn in a classroom and do worksheets but another to see them use their imagination and creativity to spark their minds.”

Sophomore Ryan Gianatassio states, “It’s fun helping out with the roadshow. It’s cool introducing them to stuff they’ve never seen before.”   

However, working with a bunch of younger kids isn’t as easy as one would hope, especially for high school students. “While it might have seemed chaotic at the time, it was valuable in that it showed kids that science is fun,” said Junior Brendan Lee.

And of course, at the end of the day, what’s important is that the kids enjoyed their time here at SDHS. And what did they have to say? Well, “I GOT SHOCKED! THE ELECTRIC THING SHOCKED ME! IT WAS SO COOL! MY HAIR WENT ‘FWOOM’! Replied Ashton Good, a 5th grader at Gladstone, when referring to the Van de Graaff Generator experiment.

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