Photo Credit: Marvel Studios
Photo Credit: Marvel Studios

Avengers: End Game

A Spoiler Free Review

May 2, 2019

Avengers: End Game is the new movie from the Marvel Comics Universe that hardly needs an introduction. The epic cinematic adventure is the ultimate conclusion to the twenty-one films preceding it, a generation worthy of storytelling coming to an end for a generation worthy of fans.

Filled with light-hearted humor, emotionally honest moments, and an amazing score that perfectly compliments every scene, Avengers: End Game is the ultimate love letter to every single fan of the MCU that will subvert all expectations.

The film begins in the wake of the decimation of half of all life brought upon Thanos’ snap from Infinity War. Although starting on a serious note, the film has a surprising amount of cathartic jokes and comedic moments of realism and meta-humor that viewers will certainly appreciate- given how dark the film actually is. When it comes to heart-tugging emotional moments, viewers will be tearing up more than they did at the end of Infinity War. End Game is no stranger to the intense feeling of loss and is a perfectionist at pulling the heartstrings of its fans and drawing out their emotions.

While Infinity War balanced the narrative focus on many different characters of the MCU, End Game focuses itself on the development of the original six Avengers, giving them the time in the spotlight they have all earned. That is not to say that there is any lack of character-driven scenes for any non-original members- however, the major development rightfully follows the characters that started it all.

If Alan Silvestri is a name unknown to fans, they will certainly come to know him after hearing the music in this film. Every single scene in the movie whether it be tear-jerking, or incredibly epic is paired perfectly with a score that precisely sets the tone for every interaction between characters and every emotion felt for the audience, making every moment within the film feel masterfully crafted down to the very last sound.

Avengers: End Game is not just an answer to the events of Infinity War, but is the grand accumulation of a decade’s worth of stories and characters that makes viewers come to appreciate the previous movies that have contributed to the Marvel Universe. Avengers: End Game is a film that felt like it was written by fans, for fans, granting many of the wishes asked of it and leaving the viewers feeling rewarded of the three hours they spent watching the great conclusion to an era of film.


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