Drumline Championships

May 2, 2019

On Saturday, April 27, San Dimas High School Drumline went to their championships while sitting in fourth place from their semi-finals. After a long season of practicing for days on end, the Saints performed their hearts out to earn their fourth place spot. With a score of 84.5, they broke the record previously set at 78.4.

Saturday morning the Saints awoke prepared for the long day ahead of them. Not only were they getting themselves ready for ‘champs’ but some of them also had to get ready for prom. They practiced, fixed some final touches, and were ready to head out to Azusa Pacific University Performing Arts Center, where they would perform and await their scores.

Once drumline arrived at the university, the students got more practice in and set up to perform for one of the biggest crowds they have ever seen. The students could all agree their performance was high energy and they gave their all out onto the stage for the judges to see. The performance was finished wholeheartedly, and a handful had rushed off to go to prom as the others stayed behind to receive their scoring.

The drumline students at prom gathered around to see their long-anticipated scores. They nervously checked every minute for updates until Rita Kear came over with the news faster than they could check. They were beyond excited about placing so high after such a long and difficult season.

Not only they were beyond excited to receive their ranking, but they also received the highest score in nine years.

“The Drumline seemed very dedicated this year and wanted things to work. It’s different from the last [year] where we would compete and we know we wouldn’t win, where this year we went out and tried and were hopeful.” Says Haley South, at her last performance of high school.

This year the drumline performed their heart out with one of the best performances they have done. The students are undoubtedly deserving of their high ranking and looking forward to the next season.

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