Advice from Seniors to Freshmen

Seniors give advice to upcoming Saints.


High school is the very voyage that seems to define our lives. It’s what begins to establish who and what we are, blesses us with gratifying friendships, and create memories that will run in our head forever. Sadly for everyone, after a short savored four years, the journey comes to an end.

We start off as shy mice, getting from place to place, trying to survive by the day on campus. To realizing that in San Dimas High School, we’re all one. We shouldn’t have spent the time wishing for the day to be over, but rather enjoying every second with our beloved peers.

Whether it’s a clumsy mistake that makes you laugh, or breaking a record in your sport, or aceing that test you never thought you could do, everyone has it’s good memories.

Some upcoming students might be timid, and fear the idea of highschool. In order to make the experience much more welcoming, seniors gave us their advice on how to enjoy all four years of high school.


Senior Brian Casso recommended,


¨Join as many activities as possible, and be annoying. Well, maybe not so annoying, but create friends, don’t be afraid to talk and meet people.¨


¨Don’t prioritize your GPA over your own self interest, you don’t want to have to prepare for suffering, ha ha¨, suggested senior Daniel Reilly.


Jayden Schuster also added,


“I think the most important thing in high school is to smile. There are bad times, but don’t let them outweigh all the good times. I had so much fun, and it’s an experience I will never forget.”


If you’re an incoming freshman, don’t worry, it’s all going to be alright.