Travis Fuller...
Travis Fuller...

Letter From the Editor: Travis Fuller

Editor-In-Chief Travis Fuller looks back on his time at SDHS and talks about the future.

June 4, 2019

Dear San Dimas High School,

Four years lived, four years gone. It is crazy to think that a few years ago on August 24, 2015, I stepped foot into the beginning of my adult life and started my journey as a Saint. Through the years I have gained new friendships, experiences, and memories that I will hopefully remember forever. At San Dimas, I have gone to sporting events, sang in so many choir concerts, and worked towards making San Dimas a better place. Although I am an 18-year-old who most definitely has no real reason to give advice I do have a few things to say.

First off, for those who will still be here next year, I wish to say let every moment count. I know that high school drama, homework, and teenage “romance” can get it the way but I implore you to let yourself have fun and make memories with the people around you.

Second, reach out to the people around you. Not only is it important to understand that every single person around you has their own individual life and their own individual problems, it is important to open yourself up to new friends. You never know who you are going to get along with.

And third, don’t be ashamed to be involved in school and let yourself enjoy going to games and school events like CLASH. When you get involved you will realize how much fun high school can be. The great thing about San Dimas High School is, it doesn’t matter if you are in band, choir, football,  drama, or whatever. Here at San Dimas, we are all a family, and as a family, we are here to learn and grow with the people around us. As Saints, we go through the trials and tribulations of high school together.

From a publication standpoint, the Saint Scroll is still very new. Being that this is the first year that the journalism program is back at SDHS, we are still trying to get an audience and really get a footing here on campus.

Since the begging of the year, the Saint Scroll has definitely evolved as we have grown to understand the platform and work together as a staff. 

For the future, I hope to see the Saint Scroll becoming a major publication on our campus. I hope students will eventually start to see the Scroll as something that they go and read every week to see if they missed anything important. 

Being at SDHS for four years has been an amazing experience. I have been lucky to grow up in a generation where who I want to be as a person is accepted and the people here at SDHS have always been nothing but loving. Leaving this campus and these teachers behind is going to be weird. I have always seen the older kids graduate and it is kind of surreal that it is finally my time to go- but I am ready for the future and I can’t wait to look back on my time here at San Dimas with nothing but a smile.


Travis Fuller

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