Starns’ Life

Juliana Starns future in teaching.

October 22, 2019

Juliana Starns, a junior at San Dimas high school, is a very caring person who would put her friends and family first. When Starns is older she wants to become a teacher. Her deep care and compassion for kids is one of the reasons why she decided to pursue a career in education.

Stars said she loves to see people learn new things from her teaching. Starns says,

I love working with kids so I always knew I wanted to become a teacher ”

— Julianna Starns

Starns has always had a love for children and babysat for family and friends in the past. Being around children and being able to work with them always brought her happiness.

Post high school, she wishes to attend Fullerton College to get her teaching degree and after getting her degree, she wishes to get a teaching job in the San Dimas or La Verne area. 

While trying to balance her work life and social life, she wishes to start a family. Two boys, two girls, and one dog is the idea of a perfect family to her.

Starns comes to school every day with these goals set in her mind so she does not lose focus on her potential future.

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