Xen Allen with helping with a poster for September 27th. (PC: Braidan Lowary )
Xen Allen with helping with a poster for September 27th.

PC: Braidan Lowary

Renaissance : Good GPA Leads to Good Fun

How ASB Produces a Major School Event

September 30, 2019

Renaissance at San Dimas High School is a major event early in the school year which awards high achieving students with food, prizes, and gifts because of their hard work in the previous semester.

 A lot goes into the outcome of Renaissance, the goal being to create an enjoyable, and amusing day for deserving students. Xen Allen, who is the 2019-2020 school year Renaissance Commissioner said, “ I think we’ve taken more time planning extracurriculars for people to do, so they don’t feel stuck on campus.” 

Being that the Renaissance event is closed campus, in the past students used to complain, but this year Allen feels students will have a very different mindset. 

When asked about the key difference in this year’s event, Allen responded with, “More interaction and activities with either the staff and students or students interaction with each other.” Allen feels as though this event if everything goes to plan, can be remarkably successful, and fun. 

Allen stated that she is very excited about the outcome of the event, even though the preparation is very time consuming and sometimes taxing. The thing Allen says she is most nervous, but also excited about is the food. She said, “Hopefully the food turns out really good too.”  

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