Humans of SD – Nayeli Mendoza


“I’ve been a vegetarian for two years now. I decided to cut meat completely from my diet because I started to get a sense it was really wrong. I felt it was gross to be eating animal remains. The final push that made me do it for sure was an album called “Meat is Murder” from my favorite band. I was thinking about what he was saying and I wanted to do it so I did. At first, my family thought I wasn’t going to be able to. They thought I would give up after a month. It only seems to be a problem when other family members come over and see that I have different food. They usually press me with questions. None of my family members have cut out meat since I started and I don’t think they plan on doing so. I believe this is something everyone should take into consideration because it is beneficial to your health, beneficial to the health of the environment and you’re saving a bunch of animals during the process” – Junior, Nayeli Mendoza