(PC: https://www.dictionary.com/e/emoji/jack-o-lantern/)

PC: https://www.dictionary.com/e/emoji/jack-o-lantern/

Spooky Saints

San Dimas Gets Ready for Halloween 2019

October 21, 2019

San Dimas students can enjoy yet another day of fun and excitement on Halloween this year, and not only till nine or ten. Halloween is on a Thursday this year and San Dimas students have the following day off. Many students are breathing a sigh of relief that they get to have a fun-filled Halloween this year with little worry. While parents however, may not be the happiest, the kids are for sure getting treated and not tricked this year on Halloween night. 

 When asked about how their night will go, many students replied with cheerful replies of optimism. The Seniors,  are especially overjoyed with the idea of a longer Halloween as it is their last year in school. Bonita Unified has granted them this gracious gift, and students are replying with gratification and amusement to welcome the open day with open arms. 

Senior Isabella Martel said, “The extra day gives teenagers more amount of time to celebrate, but is also unfortunate because no one will show up for the senior night football game as there is no school.” This is just one student’s view on how Halloween will impact students, and many others agree with her optimism on that special Thursday night. “I think everyone is gonna be excited and ready to go”.  Senior Abigail Stanley said, talking about the day of Halloween, being that it is a minimum day too. 

How the night will go is all up to the Saints themselves, but the Saints should get geared up and ready, because Halloween is drawing near and it’s coming with a lot of fun that they haven’t had on Halloween in many years. The school will be covered with decorations, dress up days, and the big night afterwards. Lets get ready for a great night Saints! 

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