Inside the sales floor of Deelux a popular used clothing store
Inside the sales floor of Deelux a popular used clothing store

Students Actually Thrift?

A new trend among high school students

November 6, 2019

A one-stop-shop, a place to save money, buy designer clothes and take advantage of huge sales. Students at San Dimas High School love stopping by the thrift shop to find cool, chill, vintage, and skating styles.

The best part of thrift shopping is that the store is always cycling through new clothes and styles. Normally a thrift store will have a ton of winter clothing in the summer and a big load of summer clothing in the winter. These changes in styles vary as the year changes. 

Some brands thrifters can always find at a thrift store are; Nike, Adidas, Polo, Ralph Lauren, Champion, Levis and much more. In the clothing racks, there will always be the iconic “grandpa sweater” and the classic “old lady dress” but amidst the chaos of color and cloth, there is always a piece you can find to fit your style.

“Most thrift stores are kept fairly organized and are easy to maneuver once you get the hang of thrift shopping,” says Andrea Herrera a Junior and thrifter at San Dimas High School.

Students love to stop by some of the local thrift shops like Community Thrift in Covina or the Goodwill in Glendora. Thrift shops always have different styles but students come to these local ones because they normally have the best finds. Some will even go out of their way to stop by Deelux another popular thrift store in Upland.

Isabella Rubio a Junior, said that “thrifting is bringing another purpose to someone’s old used clothes, it is even affordable and sometimes you can find some great pieces but best of all thrifting is great for the environment.”

Thrifting has always been around and is nothing new. However, students on social media have used this affordable method of shopping to be either more hip, or find the perfect change of style.

Although these stores have mismatched and used clothing the draw for cheap and fashionable styles will always bring students back to the surplus of clothing in every store.

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