What Is the Deal Behind Eroda???

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Eroda, has become of very well-known internet fad that was first discovered by the ad-placement of these very mysterious islands then on twitter as it own official twitter page account.

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As people grew more and more curious about these beautiful-looking islands, they then came to the conclusion that they never even existed… As more and more people looked into it, famous music artist Harry Styles started getting more connected into it. It then turned into a big thing towards his fans and other non-fans that ¨Visit Eroda today,¨ was just one big conspiracy that was made by Harry. It was made to reveal new cool things for his fans and other people who would like to review his new content. A little after the hype he released a small film on YouTube surrounding Eroda. Eroda then was revealed to be a publicity stunt for his new song (s) Adore You and Fine Line. The video descriptions states,

“In all the seas, in all the world, there has never been a land quite like the isle of Eroda. Shaped unmistakably like a frown, it is home to all but forgotten fishing village that has had perpetual cloud cover for as long as anyone can remember. An isle where some still believe that it’s bad luck to mention a pig in a fisherman’s pub. Where seeing a minster in the morning, meant you should go home immediately. Some fishermen still wore a single gold earring for luck, some say it’s to pay to have your body buried if you die in a strange port.It was also frowned upon to be caught whistling in the wind, in fear you might turn a gust into a gale. And if ever you leave Eroda, avoid doing so on odd numbered days…everyone was always frowning anyway. Which they referred to as Resting Fish Face…¨

youtube.com {a fictional island…}

After this, his fans were then able to experience and visit Eroda by, being able to go enjoy and experience some fandom-changing content

Just recently, Harry Styles released his Fine Line Album like a burst out of water selling 230,000 units which is of 193,000 pure sales blowing everyone of his fans away with his new content and stellar sounding music as it’s heading to a number 1 debut. Bringing up sales for a Limited-Edition ‘Fine Line,’ T-Shirt with Gucci Creative Director Alessandro Michele

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While the conspiracy theories have been closed and done, the hype for Harry Styles’s new music and other creative works is still going strong. If you are into listening to mystic-pop sounding new tunes, kick-back and stream Harry Styles’s Fine-Line Album today or soon whatever you please.