Junior Matthew Confer
Junior Matthew Confer

Hard Work Makes the Dream Work

New SAT Prep Class at San Dimas

January 28, 2020

As the years go on, the SAT and ACT have become an even more important part in the college process and decision making for a students future. The higher the score, the more likely it is for a student to get into a dream college. This has created an entirely new level competition of memorization and knowledge for students to get to college. In order to combat these new struggles for students, San Dimas High School has created a class that not only helps prepare students for the test but helps to build the skills they’ll need to exert the most that they can in such a small amount of time. Junior Matthew Confer, along with around 35 other students, have started their journey towards a brighter future and at only three weeks in, the pressure is already on.

Every Monday from 6-9pm, students practice different activities and solve problems that challenge their thinking abilities. With a teacher and a workbook, students take all they know and apply it to every question they answer. From Math to English, these students have seven weeks to improve as much as they can. The goal is to ensure that every student finishes the course feeling as prepared as possible for the SAT and/or ACT.

Confer stated that, “[The environment] is pretty chill. It gives you bits of information and all the tools to help solve these problems.” Confer also said that he would definitely recommend this class for any underclassman that is nervous or needs to improve their SAT and/or ACT score.

This prep class is a wonderful option and opportunity being provided to Saints. It allows them to put in the work ahead of time and practice all they feel they’ll need to in order to really be ready for this step in their educational career. These test are competitive but are not everything. Even outside of these tests, there are all sorts of options for every student when it comes to determine their future. The most important thing for all students to keep in mind is to remember that its their life, and it’s all up to them in the end.

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