Cheering Our Way to Victory

Cheer wins back to back CIF competitions

February 5, 2020

On Saturday January 5, 2020 cheer took home 1st place on their CIF competition with an extraordinary performance. All their long hours of practicing paid off in this performance. Making this performance so memorable because of being a two year in a row CIF champions.

Knowing the pressure of how big of a competition this is cheer put in many extra hours into practicing. Striving for perfection and cleanliness as their main goal to hit everything perfectly during the routine. Captain Natalie Conboy tells how, “opening stunts and first pyramid were cleanly hit.” It made her feel especially happy to be able to hit those stunts.  

The moment they hit the mat is when all their hard work is paid off and every member gives it their all. Conboy also states,“Overall i was happy with keeping our back to back cif title.” As challenging as it is to win CIF they overcame all obstacles and were successful in their performance. 

The amount of energy given during the performance was extraordinary given that every stunt, cheer, or tumbling sequence was not easy to do. It’s not something that can be learned overnight and takes a lot of commitment. With such a crazy schedule and lots of practicing all the time, there are a lot of mental and physical needs. 


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