In the Age of Underrated Artists: Tate McRae

Get a glimpse on Pop-Rising Star: Tate McRae.

February 19, 2020

Tate McRae, 16 year old from Calgary Canada started her life as a dancer for the Professional Division at the School of Alberta Ballet and competed with YYC Dance Project. She auditioned for this and succeeded in doing so and went on to compete as a main in the show. She started dancing at age 6 but didn’t start competing until 5 years later at 11 years old. Living in Canada, she busily traveled to many regional and national conventions to compete in including competing in the United States.

In November of 2015, she received a scholarship for two weeks from the Berlin State Ballet School, she received this by winning a silver-medal in the finals of the Youth America Grand Prix in New York City. In 2016 she went to audition for So You Think You Can Dance: The Next Generation, she was successful and went on to being featured as a main competitor on the show.

She also has had her fair share in experiencing all angles of the Arts as she is a singer exclusively as of today, and an actress when she landed a role on Nickelodeon’s Lalaloopsy as the rag doll: Spot Splatter Splash.

As of today with her dancing she mainly choreographs routines for her competitive-dance friends and colleagues.

As she rises in popularity on Spotify and much more for her music she has written and sang 14 songs as of today and she has over 8 million followers on Spotify. Some of her hits include; stupid, with over 26,857,197 plays, One Day, with 52,790,718 plays, Teenage Mind, with 33,543,960 plays, and tear myself apart with, 2,298,597 plays. She has recently came out with her own EP; all the things I never said. On Spotify she has been featured in 7 exclusively-made Spotify playlists. Some include “This Is Tate McRae,” “Today’s Top Hits,” “Chill Hits,” “Pop Rising” and, “Pop Sauce.”

With 1 million followers on Instagram she has boomed in on making it so that her music gets shared over the nation and world-wide. She has gone onto being capable of going on her first tour named; “all the the things I never said pt. II.”

Her music has been displayed on billboards for: YouTube Music on Madison Square Garden, Broadway St in New York, and the LA Marriott

Being as talented in the Arts like she is, she definitely deserves to be shone with the spotlight and for everyone to know her name.

Here is a sample of one of her songs:

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