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Basketball Band in SDHS

One of the Unknown Band Programs

March 3, 2020

The SDHS Band has many programs that are meant to get people involved in music and create a fun experience, yet Basketball Band remains the most unknown. This is a rock and roll band that performs little bits of rock tunes at basketball games, and even gets called cheesy names. The BBall Band consists of a rhythm section and wind players that provide the lyrics. This band can really rock and should be more prominent in what they perform across the school.

There are members of the concert band that join basketball band to play and try out different instruments. This gives band students an opportunity on learning more instruments and improving their musicality to become better musicians.  Junior, Michael Grace tells his adventure on switching instruments to be in Basketball Band.

“I enjoyed switching to trumpet from tuba to be apart of basketball band. This gives me an opportunity to expand my music abilities and helps me get better at the tuba.”; so being able to switch instruments is not easy, however it can be done and leads to large amounts of improvement. Learning more instruments can improve a musician’s talents, and being in this band can open people’s eyes to different types of music, specifically rock music. All band programs are meant to shed some light on someone’s musical talents, and the lesser-known program of Basketball Band delivers this in a big way.

The people apart of BBall Band are seen jamming out together as they play the songs for the audience at basketball games. From playing the tunes to having a break and enjoying each other’s company, BBall Band is a great activity to bond wityh fellow band members and get to know them, as well as just having lots of fun.

Even though the band has plenty of fun and enjoys the music they’re playing, this gives them no excuse to be lazy about their efforts. All band members must try and put effort into the music to make it enjoyable and something that the audience actually wants to hear. The Basketball Band shows what it takes for a band program to be fun and relaxed, but at the same time, a place of work and a usual band environment where they perform for a live audience.

Out of all the different band activities that happen at a similar time, no one pays attention to the rock band who plays at basketball games and gives the audience some great entertainment to listen to. The Basketball Band with many names should become more well-known and publicized to the school, making them a successful, popular band throughout the school.

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