New Science Class, New Possibilities

SDHS's New Biomedical Science Class

March 3, 2020

AtnSan Dimas High, there are many different types of classes that are offered in hopes of intriguing as many students as possible and providing them with outlets and opportunities to have a diverse education. Whether they are courses that push students through complex thinking or problem solving skills, each one has their own challenge to offer. However, for future graduating classes, there will be more classes like this available in the upcoming years. SDHS is implementing various new courses in addition to those that are already required to graduate. The new class will be an elective science class, a biomedical studies course. 

The intention of adding a biomedical science class is to provide learning that is more focused on how the use of technology is used in the medical field, along with some of the same concepts from other classes like anatomy and forensics. “This class entails a forensics study of a murder victim, and through the crime case students will learn about different anatomy concepts, biology, forensics, genetics, and different body systems”, said chemistry teacher Mrs. Luevand. 

 This class is recommended for anyone that is fascinated with the human body, for those that enjoy life sciences, or that may be thinking of pursuing a career as a nurse, doctor, or any job in the medical field. 

When students consider the classes they want to take for their upcoming year, some students might be turned away by the fear of long lectures and large homework loads. However, this class is structured like no other class on campus. “It is individual self paced learning as well as guided learning, meaning the students will push themselves to learn more with guided instructions from the teachers” said Luevand. She also mentioned that, “It requires a lot of lab work, and through that the students learn doing rather than lectures.” Because this class is so different, it was a struggle to get the school to allow it. Nevertheless, Luevand was faithful, as she was one of the advocates that introduced the class to the school board. In terms of how she feels personally about the class, Luevand said, “I’m most excited because I think this method of learning truly connects people with the real work and will get students connected differently than any other class does and it’s all accomplished through research and problem solving. This class will give each student an opportunity for self accomplishment and prepare themselves for the real world.”

The future of San Dimas High is bright, and as new classes like this one become introduced, students will expand their horizons by challenging themselves with new and innovative classes that will ready them for life after high school.

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