Swim Has Started!

The First Swim Meet Of The Season Was A Success

March 3, 2020

The aquatic Saints had their first swim meet on February 25th against Charter Oak High. Charter Oak’s swim tear has always had a reputation of having fast swimmers in all events both in individual and their relay teams. On Tuesday the Saints decided to put that to the test. The Lady Saints overcame the rumor, and came out victorious with a win! Varsity swimmer and Junior Paige Gutzke said, “Our first meet went okay, it definitely could have gone better but you can tell we have a solid team.” when asked how she felt about how the meet went for the team as a whole. The Ladies were glad to start the season off with a win, and hoped to carry their speed and enthusiasm on through the season. 

As for the boys, sadly they had to count their first meet as a loss. It was a good effort on all the boys parts though however, Charter Oak just had one too many swimmers that were too fast. Varsity swimmer and Junior, Robbie Harrington, didn’t take the loss too badly. “My first meeting was an interesting one. I didn’t know any of the strokes and was told to swim the 100 IM when I thought it was the 100 free.” Harrington knew that the season would get better and the rest of the boys felt that same way too. Coach Feola also had hope of going far this season and the small amount of boys were ready. Along with Harrington, the varsity boys team only consists of 6 other boys. Despite this insufficient amount of swimmers, the boys are ready to take on another team and come out with a win. 

Even though it took all the girls to get a win, one girl stood out in particular. Sophomore, Alyssa Fox, is a two year varsity swimmer who qualified for CIF last year as a freshman. Fox has shown incredible promise since last year and this year she’s no different. “The first meeting went pretty well for me. I pr´ed  [personal record] in all of my events so sophomore season is going great already.

The atmosphere is great and it’s all smiles on the pool deck.”

— Sophomore Alyssa Fox

Fox is just one of the many great Varsity girl swimmers on the swim team. Every one of the swimmers on this team is ready to take this season to the top. They all hope to win as much as they can this season with dedication and teamwork. 

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