Senior Heartbreak of 2020

Seniors deal with the effects of COVID-19

April 17, 2020

On Friday, March 13, it was announced that students at San Dimas would be missing three weeks of school due to the Coronavirus outbreak. At first, students felt relieved that they could get a break after all the hard work they’ve put into their schoolwork, but they soon learned what true heartbreak this really is.

As the days go by, students continuously wish they could go back to school to finish off the year. Initially, nobody took this seriously because the whole thing was unexpected and nobody has ever experienced something so serious and close to home like this. Now it is well known that this time off, is no vacation. 

This situation is hard on everyone in some way; it affects the economy, families, and people’s mental health, and the Senior class of 2020 is feeling an immense amount of disappointment. As a Senior, it’s expected to want to leave high school as soon as possible to go into the real world, but this is not a way that anyone should have to end their final year of high school. 

As children, we all grow up thinking about things such as prom night, the last day of school, or even the day you graduate. You think about all of the memories you’ll have to share with your children when you get older, or even with your grandkids in the future when it’s their turn. The Senior class of 2020 will unfortunately not have the chance to have those memories as it was stolen due to this worldwide catastrophe. 

Students are completely shattered about the loss of their senior year and hoped to go back to finish it off. The internet has allowed teens to connect and share their disappointment with others from all around the world. Teens have come together in prayer, in hope, or for emotional support. Everyone just wants to go back to the life they had before this horrible virus called COVID-19.

The effects of the Coronavirus have caused an immense amount of sorrow for everyone in some way. Although nobody can be around each other, people are still coming together to support one another through this, and it really shows how horrible things sometimes bring people together. Yes, the Senior class of 2020 has had their year stolen from them, but there’s no saying they won’t steal it back.

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