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Ways to spend time during the quarantine

May 29, 2020

We, as a community, have been quarantined for quite a while. Some days, time seems to go by in an instant, and other days, time passes so slow, it feels like a whole week is crammed into just one day. For many of us, the problem with time isn’t that we have a lot of it, the problem typically is that we have so much time, and not much to do. The absence of school has left many students without activities, but there are many ways to stay active while quarantined, even if it’s  not as grand as waking up everyday, and going to school to learn.

A great way to not feel bored, and stuck at home is to continue learning and studying. Fortunately, most teachers put work and lessons online to continue exercising your mind, and take in new information. This could not only be beneficial for your grades, but it’s also beneficial for you personally, as you won’t return to school brain-fried from not remembering a lot of material taught. Teachers would also be relieved by this, just to know that students are okay and doing well. If you’d like to take a break from the academic life, there are still other ways to pass all the extra time.

Everybody has an inner artist and a creative mind, but what better time to let that side of you out then now. If you’ve got any art supplies, take them out and express yourself on a sheet, canvas, whatever it may be. Painting, illustrating, coloring, and even crafting will not only calm you, but it will also keep your mind active and healthy. Another way to channel your inner artist could also be through music, whether you don’t know how to play, or already do play an instrument, it’s the perfect opportunity to improve your musical abilities. There are thousands of videos online to help, and who knows, you might just be the next rock star by the end of quarantine.  And of course, there’s also reading and writing. Improve your vocabulary and the way you write by simply reading or writing.

If none of these are still an ideal way to pass time during the stay at home orders, then maybe doing a service for your family is. There’s always something around the house or the yard that could be cleaned. Mom or dad would be very grateful if you offer your services to help fix that problem no one had time to get to, help each other do basic chores, finally sort through things that you don’t need and get rid of them, or even rearrange your room. It doesn’t hurt to ask what you could do to help around, and now there’s no excuse not to be willing to help out.

Personally I’ve been staying active by focusing on drumming, and helping around at my ranch. Drumming keeps my mind active and in a learning state, it even exercises my discipline. The best part about it is that after focusing on one thing, and finally being able to play it is really rewarding. As for helping around the ranch, it’s important for all my animals to be healthy, and feel the loved. Especially helping the cows who recently had a little calf, there’s nothing better than hearing the cattle moo, the horses trot, the dogs bark, and the goats play on a peaceful, quarantined day.

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