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"Fires all over and we get an a sneak peak about the action behind the scene"

November 5, 2020


Nick Casimiro working the San Dimas brush fire

This October San Dimas, Glendora, Azusa, and surrounding cities experiences turmoil caused by brush fires. Luckily enough the firefighters were able to contain the fires after weeks and weeks of hard work and dedication.

The fires spread 3,000 acres in the span of seven hours. There were no injuries reported but the surrounding areas lost land, animals, and much more. Many people were lucky enough to be able to place themselves and their valuables at the Fairplex in Pomona. It was a terrifying time for the communities of San Dimas and La Verne. 

A former student from San Dimas High School, Nick Casimiro was placed on duty for the fire located in Azusa. He shared his story and what he went through to get into this line of work knowing it could potentially be a dangerous career.

Nick Casimiro stated “Even though most people think of the dangers that come with being a wildland firefighter, it never really crosses my mind. We’re trained to specialize in fire behavior, weather, and topography so whenever things get a little tense or scary we are taught to re-evaluate the situation and pull back if necessary. I love this line of work, the thrill it brings is unmatched”.

Brave of a young man to be able to wake up knowing that he is going face-to-face with a wildfire that is burning at a rapid pace. He is courageous for doing what he loves yet doing it for the people and the community that surrounds him. Having a good head on his shoulders is what is important.

“My family are my biggest supporters,” Casimiro continues,  “they get me through the long shifts and weeks out there. Ever day out on the fire line affects me both physically and mentally, but that’s where your support from your crew and family comes in and pushes you to get through it.”  

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