Senior Steven Sanderson watches TV from the comfort of his home
Senior Steven Sanderson watches TV from the comfort of his home

Supporting our Favorite Teams During a Pandemic

Covid-19 has changed the way people enjoy sports

November 5, 2020

During the pandemic, the way people support their favorite teams has changed. Now that pro sports like baseball, basketball, football, and more have returned hopefully, it has brought a sense of normalcy back into people’s lives.

Of course, there are still limitations. Fans can no longer go into the stadiums and watch their favorite teams and players live but they can still watch through their screens.

¨I´d rather there be no fans than no games being played at all,¨ senior Steven Sanderson said. Since fans still aren’t able to attend games it may be causing some fans to lose interest. Senior Lexi Garcia said she´s lost some interest because she’s more into the games when they are in person.

Since people have had more free time they may be turning to sports for entertainment. People may be finding more time to enjoy sports that they may have not kept up with before. ¨I keep up with baseball, basketball, NHL, and football¨ Senior Steven Sanderson explained. ¨I forgot how much I really genuinely cared and enjoyed sports and once they were almost taken away from us and sort of gone for the year it kind of made me appreciate it 10 times more.¨

Now that people are enjoying all their favorite sports from home they are realizing some are better than others to watch on their screens. Senior Timothy Murphy said that UFC is the most interesting to watch on his TV but it is still just not the same as going and watching. Some find certain sports more interesting through a screen. Senior Lexi Garcia says she enjoys basketball more when watching it on TV. Although many people may agree it doesn’t matter whether we are watching sports live at the game or from our TVs as long as we have sports back to enjoy it provides some normal back into our lives.

Over the course of this pandemic, many things have changed and people have had many things taken away from them all at once but hopefully, the return of sports is just one step towards our journey to return back to normal.

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