How Student Athletes at SDHS are staying in shape

Student athletes are still working hard

November 5, 2020

Student-athletes have had to persist through the hardships and unexpected turns during these times to stay in shape; and yet they still find the time to practice to be prepared in case their season is allowed to start. 

These student-athletes show that they have the determination and grit to keep good grades and continue doing what they love as well, and giving 100% in both. Due to Covid-19, these athletes have had to change their habits and accommodate to these new rules and regulations. 

These student-athletes have persevered through so much to continue their progress in athletics. During these trying times, they have managed to continue doing what they love. Some of these sports include baseball, track, and field among others.

Senior Ryan Kim is a rising star on the San Dimas baseball team, “I’ve been hitting the gym five times a week at crunch fitness in San Dimas. He continues “ I prefer working out in the morning and that later on in the day is when I run and it’s been hot in these past few weeks.”

Kim is just one example of a student-athlete who continues to work hard even when times are tough. He exemplifies what it means to be a top athlete and student at San Dimas High School. Kim will continue to progress with his hard work and determined mind that he has created. 

Victor Chum and here is what he had to say “I’ve been going to the gym six times a week and getting up at 6 am every day to get cardio in, and I also bike a few times a week around San Dimas and sometimes even down by Mount Sac.”

hopefully, we can lead as an example for everyone else stuck at home right now.”

— Ryan Kim

Kim and Chum exemplify what it means to be a hard-working Saint. It symbolizes what it means to be a Saint, and illuminates what’s under the skin of one as well. Chum and Kim both have separate ways of progressing and staying in shape for their seasons ahead. 

Even though they might not be doing the same they still continue to grow and adapt to the circumstances at hand. Kim then goes on to say “hopefully, we can lead as an example for everyone else stuck at home right now. It is important to get out and stay active… even if they aren’t in sports.” Allow yourself to stay in shape for yourself and if you have sports then make sure to create new possibilities for yourself by getting out. 

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