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Humans of SD- Madison Haas

December 10, 2020


“I was throwing up and coughing. I couldn’t decide if I wanted to go, but my dad told me to man up and go, so I went. We got to the smudge pot early to get good seats. My dad decided to sit by the 50-yard line where the student section was going to be set up. The people that were setting it up asked us to get up, but my dad told them no. He thought that people sitting in the student section weren’t going to watch the game anyway and he wanted the best spot. One of my friends setting up the student section waved at me, but it was awkward because I was half asleep. Once the game started I felt better but as it got colder I ran out of the kleenex that I brought and I had to keep going back and forth to the restroom to get toilet paper. During half time my dad bought me a cup of noodles; I was eating it in the stands because I was not feeling it and I spilled a good half of it on myself and it warmed me up. We lost which sucked because I could’ve just watched it on tv.”-Freshman, Madison Haas

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