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Humans of SD- Arlene Huskins-Grana

November 5, 2020


“I was in high school and I had a lot of AP courses. I had a lot of credits early, so I would get out of high school at noon.  I wasn’t involved in extracurriculars.  I never bought a yearbook because I always saw the people who did the yearbooks were taking pictures of themselves and their friends all the time, so I never bought a yearbook.  I decided in my senior year I would buy a yearbook since it was my last year in school.  Finally, at the end of senior year, I get my yearbook, and right there in the yearbook is me sleeping in class.  I’m laying down, I’m completely passed out in class! So that was my one big picture in the yearbook!” – San Dimas Resident, Arlene Huskins- Grana


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