Joanna Alablouh
Joanna Alablouh

SDHS Students go to Work During the Pandemic

A students take on what work is like during a global pandemic

November 6, 2020

As the school year continues many students of working age have gotten jobs during the pandemic. Students at SDHS have had to deal with the total shift in how businesses protect staff and customers. Ranging from new regulations in safety protocols and the possible danger of catching COVID at work, students have had to adapt to these new work environments.

Students can be weary of new dangers in the work environment and the new safety risks associated with working in close proximity to coworkers and customers.

Senior Julian Herrera stated “I feel like works totally changed and cleaning procedures are the new normal when it comes to sanitization. I find myself cleaning way more than before the pandemic.” Julian works at a family-owned pizza restaurant in Upland.

He’s not found there to be many issues while working throughout the day mainly because he does not interact with customers as often. Julian also felt that since he is in the kitchen he has less interaction with outsiders.  when asked about overall feelings around the current pandemic he felt that “there’s really not that much to worry about my boss makes sure to take everyone’s temperature and we are all required to wear masks while working anyways.”

Another student’s account on work during the pandemic is Julia Moldanado’s a Junior at SDHS working at Mcdonalds. Julia said “I started working there when COVID started but from what I hear a lot has changed. No one can dine in, there’s a lot of people in the drive-thru that don’t even open their windows all the way because they think that’s going to protect them. I don’t worry too much, we handle everything pretty well.” When asked about her companies safety protocols she stated “We follow simple procedures that keep us safe and I never really come in physical contact with a customer. “

Julia and Julian have had to deal with the change in the work environment but they both enjoy what they are doing. Many students who work in fast food have found themselves to be more protected than in other jobs mainly because they interact solely with their coworkers who need temperature checks for every start of a shift.

Senior, Samantha Oresman recently started at the Habit Grill “In ways, I do feel a bit worried like when people come in and we have to ask them to put their masks on. But there are also many ways that I do feel safe, my workplace is really good at keeping sanitized. They really take care of us during these crazy times which is extremely important” she said.  Sam says she’s appreciative of the chance to work and the opportunity to earn an income during the pandemic.

All students agreed that their safety was a priority and that their jobs have been on top of procedures put in place by the CDC. This is just a small group of students working during the pandemic at SDHS many more take the time out of their day to earn some part-time income while also juggling online school.   

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