Artist of The Month

JJ Batteast


How long have you been making music?

“Independently about 2 years. But all my life I have been into music non-stop.” 

What gave you the desire to create your own music?

“The inspirations around me. I grew up listening to a lot of Justin Bieber, Usher, Chris Brown, etc. All of my older friends make their own music, which gives me inspiration. Then I started watching artists on YouTube making hits in the studio and once I learned how to do it, I knew I really had to. Watching artists like Juice WRLD and Aboogie record especially. I owe them a lot for my song ideas.”

Do you take music seriously or do it for fun? 

“Oh fully serious. I truly believe that I’m meant to do it. There is nothing in the world that I love more than music.”

What do you use to record?

“Typical studio equipment. Microphone and software. I’m trying to earn more money so that I can get better equipment.”

Where do you get your beats?

“Mostly YouTube. But every now and then people send me tracks in my direct messages.

What are your most popular projects?

“I’m almost at 10,000 listens on my solo song and 7,000 with a feature.”

What platform do you post your music on?

“Soundcloud for now.” 

Would you consider yourself a rapper or singer? 

“I never like to put myself into a box. I consider myself an artist. I am always finding new things to do and pick up.”

What is your Instagram handle?