Drakeo is Back

Drakeo the Ruler gets out of jail and comes out with his long-anticipated Tape We Know the Truth

December 17, 2020

When our country was going through the 2020 presidential election Darrell Caldwell, other known as Drakeo the Ruler, received the great news that on Nov. 4 he was going to be released from the Los Angeles Men’s Central Jail after serving three years behind bars. The L.A. rapper was initially facing up to 25 years to life for criminal gang conspiracy and shooting from a motor vehicle.

As his defense attorney explained in a statement, Drakeo “suffered through three years of cruel and unjust treatment” while battling the criminal justice system. But in a turn of events that left both Drakeo and his legal team surprised, he was offered a plea deal. Just after Drakeo received freedom, he took no time off went straight working into the studio and in just a week We Know the Truth was already made and was released on his birthday on Dec. 1. With all this commotion surrounding the rapper, some fans had a couple of things to say about the mixtape.

Senior and Drakeo the Ruler fan Aiden Mares had to say this about the tape, “When I heard Drakeo was out it was crazy he had so much against him but he was able to pull through and get a plea deal and you could really hear the struggle he was talking about when you’re listening to the tape.”

“Dude the tape went hard and like and he wrote like 209 songs while he was in pen but I would’ve wanted more songs on it but overall the tape was pretty fire,” junior Miles Thomas says. Even though most of the fans were happy with the tape, one fan had a different opinion. “The tape was okay, the songs ‘Lil Boosie’ and ‘John Madden’ and ‘In My Rear’ I have on repeat but I feel like his summer mixtape Thank you for Using GTL was overall way better than this tape,” fan Cesar Ruiz says. 

The last time Drakeo left prison, was in 2017, and from that time Drakeo has grown as a person and is ready to make new music for his fans.


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