Humans of SD- Alexis Garcia


“Crystals have become a very important part of my everyday life and something that I can talk about for hours. A couple of months ago I came across a youtube video talking about chakras, which refers to the energy points in your body.  I became very interested in how to balance my chakras and live a happier life because at the time I was struggling a bit. I also learned a lot about the religion of Buddhism and how they used crystals to meditate. I found that crystals were a great way to help you balance your chakras and it helps with many other things. I became very interested in learning about crystals and what they do and how powerful they can be. Right now the crystals helping me the most are amethyst and black tourmaline. Amethyst helps with insomnia and black tourmaline helps waive any negative energy near you or on you. I just ordered a 17 pack of crystals and I can’t wait to cleanse them and put them to use! Crystals were something that truly helped me begin my spiritual journey and something that has gotten me very excited to talk about and learn with my friends and family!”- Senior Alexis Garcia