Humans of SD- Bryn Lambert


“I have been going to the lake since I was three months old. It has been my second home for my whole life, but within the past, five to ten years my siblings and I have become super busy with sports and other activities during the summer causing us to go many summers without going to the lake. This past summer was the first time I have been back in three years and it was one of the best summers of my life. My sister and her husband bought a wake surfing boat and let me tell you wake surfing is so much fun. I am not good at it by any means and I could barely stand up, but that’s the fun of it because it pushes me to work harder. It has become one of my favorite activities along with cliff jumping because it is an adrenaline rush. While My family and I may not have been able to go to the lake as much as we used to, I will forever be thankful for this past summer because it has pushed me to try new things and to forever cherish the memories I have from the lake.”- Senior Bryn Lambert