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Humans of SD- Chayton Grana

December 17, 2020


“My older sister, Ayiana, stayed home but the rest of my family, my mom, dad, me and my brother went to Walnut Creek in San Dimas.  My dad sat down because his back was hurt but me and my mom and my brother went into this trench.  We were playing around and having fun but then I saw something jump over the trench and I swear it looked like a mountain lion!  So, I yelled, “MOUNTAIN LION!”  And we started running up what must have been a 7 foot steep trench, running for our lives.  It was the fastest I’d ever run.  I was thinking my mom’s gonna die ‘cause her and my little brother were way behind me.  I got to my Dad and told him that instead of one, there were three mountain lions surrounding my brother and Mom and they were hiding in the bushes.  So my Dad ran down there and probably broke his back.  And I was like what are you gonna do against a mountain lion?  But it turned out it was just a really big dog!  This is a meaningful lesson: don’t trust your eyes, they will deceive you.  Trust your..uhhhhh…mind…”


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