‘Among Us’ The Game of 2020

Video game 'Among Us' becomes ultimate Covid party game

December 17, 2020

Among Us is a game created in 2018 by an indie company. The game didn’t receive much publicity after the initial release, but after a streamer named Chance Morris, also known as “Sodapoppin”, began playing the game on a platform called Twitch in July 2020, the game began gaining traction in popularity.

After “Sodapoppin” brought Among Us to Twitch, a streaming platform, the game took off and skyrocketed in popularity around mid-September. In the blink of an eye, major influencers like James Charles and PewDiePie started playing and streaming it for the world to see. Among Us has been said to be the ultimate party game of the Covid era.

This game requires a lot of teamwork, it’s very entertaining and allows many players to meet new people. Junior Aubrey Gueorguieva says, “It’s currently my favorite game.” Gueorguieva wanted to share out how much fun she thinks the game is. “I usually play whenever I have free time or when I’m bored, but it becomes addicting. I enjoy playing with friends because it’s so much fun to team up in the game,” she says. She went on to admit that sometimes she and her friends get together and play for hours at a time.

“The game has definitely changed my life for the better and has saved me from a lot of boring times during quarantine. Times are tough right now, and getting together with friends and playing this game has made it feel like old times,” says Gueorguieva. She explains that when she plays Among Us with her friends, it reminds her of how much fun they all used to have before the pandemic hit.

Among Us is one hundred percent one of the best games to play during quarantine. I love that I get to meet new people and bond with my friends while playing. It makes time go by so much faster and I definitely recommend it

— Aubrey Gueorguieva

Gueorguieva says Among Us is a great game and recommends it to anyone who is bored during isolation, or just wants to have a little fun. 

The hit video game has brought a lot of joy to many individuals, especially under these circumstances. It’s amazing to see that people look forward to waking up to the little things like this game. To some people, it’s more than just that, it’s another way to access the outside world and reconnect with others.


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