Humans of SD – John Calderon


A model of Eddie Van Halen’s “Frankenstein” guitar. Made by John Calderon himself.

“When I was a child, I discovered music to be one of my biggest passions. Thus, I decided to become a musician. Playing violin first (not by choice). From there I went to piano, but always staring at the drums. Finally, by the time I was 10, I made it to my dream, my instrument of choice: the drums. I thought to myself “wow!”, this is exciting! When I turned 12, however, I saw my sister’s acoustic guitar on the couch. I picked it up and, out of nowhere, played a song called “Cat Scratch Fever” which I had heard over and over on the radio. So I figured I had this innate ability to play guitar. Then I got into electric guitar and saw how crazy and fun it was. But in 1978, I heard an instrumental called “Eruption”, a one-minute and forty-three-second extravaganza of beautiful electric guitar noise that changed my musical life forever… and ever… and ever! The genius of Edward Van Halen. What more can I say? Well,  he always said, ‘there are no rules in music. You have 12 notes. Do what you want. If it sounds good, then it is!'”